The IBP Cable is a high accuracy blood pressure measure equipment which is used with corresponding monitor.It can measure the blood pressure of the chosen vas (SYS / MAP / DIA) .It is fit for the Major blood pressure monitor of GE,Mindray,Spacelabs,Drager,Siemens,Biolight,Nihon Kohden,Philips,Datascope,Comen,Criticare etc to measure the patient’s arterial blood pressure and venous blood pressure.IBP cables support the use of IBP transducers, obtaining the dynamic waveforms of changes in intravascular pressure, also systolic, diastolic and average pressures are obtained by specific methods of calculation,the IBP cable is Nylon made Connectors with gold plated terminal,and connectors are inject molding, long lifetime.the IBP cable can be repeatedly used after high-temperature sterilization.
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