Caremed can provide different kinds of connector for many brands' equipment models,can produce customized OEM
product and provide ODM solution based on customer's requirements.
The product adopt the bending- resistance strain relief, the damage to the cable can be avoided at utmost degree.
The product wire uses the double shield structure, which minimize the interference and noise.
The product can be adapted to the patient end connectors which take American Standard (AAMI) and European
Standard (IEC) color code as identifications.
Each product has a Lot Number to facilitate traceability.
The products can be equipped with 1K, 4.7K, 10K, 20K ohms defibrillation resistor and the discharge tube.
Provide EKG cables and accessories compatible with major brand monitors in the market such as Philips, GE Medical, Mindray, Schiller, Fukuda, Morata etc. The products include one piece EKG cable with leads, EKG trunk cables and leadwires, EKG accessories etc
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